Out of the Abyss

(Jeff_L) #1
If the characters want to continue forward. the gnolls
and hyenas need to be dealt with. Alternati\ ely. if the
characters are indecisive or spend too long debating the
best course of action, the gnoll pack lord sniffs out the
intruders. When it realizes that enemies are present. the
pack lord howls to draw the attention of its followers.

Another tunnel on the opposite side of the cavern heads
off in a different direction than where Yeenoghu led his
pack. Characters who defeat the remaining gnolls can
continue on their way without losing any more time.
The close brush with Yeenoghu pays dividends to the
adventurers by delivering two components ofVizeran's
ritual into their hands. The first is the heart of the
goristro, which the characters can remove from its
corpse. The massive heart is the size of a small trunk
and weighs nearly one hundred pounds. Any characters
close to it while il is being transported imagine that
they can occasionally hear it beating. A character who
carries the heart, even in a bag of holding or similar
extradimensional space, makes saving throws against
madness with disadvantage.
The second component takes the form of a few
spatters of a demon lord's blood. A successful DC 10
Wisdom (Perception) check finds some of Yeenoghu's
black blood on the fallen goristro's horns.

This cavern lies deep inside the Labyrinth and contains
another ritual component that Vizeran needs.

The passage you follow climbs upward as it corkscrews
through stone, finally emerging through the floor of
a large cavern. The ceiling arches sixty feet overhead,
bristling with stalactites that drip water onto stalagmites
rising from the uneven and broken floor. Here and there
between the stalagmites, several statues of winged
humanoids are set in poses of suffering and anguish.
Some cover their faces, while others claw at them.
Others reach toward the ceiling, their faces twisted into
expressions of longing.

This chamber houses the petrified remains of eight
fallen angels, condemned by the gods to pass the ages
in the dark depths. Each appears to have been carved
from stone in some position of fear. suffering. hatred. or
longing. Each statue is spotted with lichen and marred
by mineral deposits, which have crystallized out of the
water dripping from the ceiling over uncounted years.
Even though they are transformed into stone statues,
the fallen angels remain very much alive. their petrified
bodies having become prisons for their minds and
souls. They remember who they were. They know what
they did and why they are here. They know everything
transpiring around them. Yet they can do nothing. They
are trapped forever. and the isolation, darkness. and
endless lOrment of their fate have driven them mad. No

speLl can undo the angels' curse or free them from their
petrified state.

The angels can communicate. albeit in a limited fashion,
with living creatures that touch them.
A character who makes physical contact with an
angel (even through gloves or some other protective
covering) knows that angers name and experiences the
effect described below. If you wish, you can roLl a d8 to
determine which angel a character touches, rerolling
any repeat results. Unless specified otherwise. the effect
is instantaneous. While there's no limit to the number
of creatures that can touch an angel and be affected by
it, a creature that touches an angel and triggers its effect
can't trigge r that particular angers effect again until 24
hours have elapsed.

This angel reaches toward the ceiling, its face a mask
of hatred. A creature that makes contact with this angel
must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw, taking 3d6
psychic damage on a failed save or half as much damage
on a successful one.

This angel appears to be reaching out as if offering
something. A character making contact with the angel
must succeed on a DC 15 Charisma saving throw or
become charmed for I minute.
While the character is charmed, the angel has a
telepathic link with the character as long as it and
the character remain on the same plane of existence.
The angel issues commands to the character, and the
character does its best to obey those commands if it is
conscious. The angel typically commands a character to
kill, maim, rob, or otherwise harm its companions.
Each time an affected character takes damage, he or
she makes a new Charisma saving throw against the
effect. If the saving throw succeeds, the effect on it ends.

This angel points at a spot on the cavern wall, and its
mouth hangs open in horror. A character who makes
contact with the angel hears horrific screaming and
must succeed on a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw or gain
one level of madness (see "Madness" in chapter 2).

This angel stands feet apart, head downcast. arms at its
sides. A character making contact with the angel hears
a soft voice say in Common, "Do not lose hope.'' The
character's next Wisdom saving throw is made with

This angel holds its hands to its face. concealing its
visage. Upon making contact with this angel, the
character hears a soft voice repeating two words over
and over in the Celestial language: "Kill me." There is
no obvious way for the characters to do so. however. The
voice persists even if the angel is shattered.

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