Out of the Abyss

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Six kuo-toa work at the altar, cleaning up and arranging
offerings. KJibdoloogut, a kuo-toa whip dedicated to
the Deep Father, stands in front of the altar with two
kuo-toa monitors. Offerings are usually living creatures
killed on the altar, although an offering of one's own
blood also satisfies the whip. Humanoids other than
kuo-toa are immediately taken into custody to be
brought before the archpriest of the Deep Father, who
summarily condemns them to be sacrificed.
Bloppblippodd. a female kuo-toa a r chpriest of the
Deep Father. Lives on the bortom floor of a squat hovel
near the altar. She is a bloodthirsty sadist absolutely
assured that her divine vision will raise her in glory to
rule her people. Bound and gagged against the far wall
is a duergar prisoner (see ''The Offering").

Bloppblippodd's hovel contains wealth accumulated
since her rise to power: 1,000 cp, 500 sp, 290 gp, an
embroidered silk handkerch ief with a spider design
worth 25 gp, three azurite gems worth 10 gp each, a
duergar-madc bronze cup worth 25 gp, and a silver
choker with a spider design worth 30 gp.


lf allowed to do so, Ploopploopeen brings the characters
to his quarters near the Shrine of the Deep Mother.
There they meet Glooglugogg. who loudly tells his father
in Undercommon that he sees no need for outsiders to
be involved in sacred matters. The archpriest dismisses
his son's concerns with a negligent wave. telling
Glooglugogg that he must flow with the currents of
the goddess's visions. The whip relents but throws the
characters a hostile glare.
Within the hour, twelve kuo-toa led by a kuo-toa
monitor arrive at Ploopploopeen's quarters. The
archpriest of the Sea Mother admits the monitor and
informs him that he, his whip, and the prisoners will
accompany them to see the archpriest of the Deep
Father. They are escorted to the altar of the Deep
Father near the docks, where Bloppblippodd awaits
them. Describe the scene to the players as given in
that area, then read the following boxed text; if none of
the characters speak Undcrcommon, the exchange is
gibberish to them, though Shuushar can translate.

The archpriest of the Sea Mother steps forward across
the span of the altar toward the kuo-toa waiting for
him there. "The time has come," he says, "for us to
acknowledge your divine vision and welcome it. I have
brought these as offerings." He gestures toward all of
you, standmg withm a c~rcle of guards behind him. "Will
you not accept them?"
"You are wise, father," the younger archpriest replies.
"I accept your offering in the name of the Deep Father.
May their blood nourish and strengthen him!" A burbling
cheer goes up from the surrounding kuo-toa, their fists
raised in the air.


The followers of the Deep Father are already preparing
to sacrifice a bruised and bedraggled duergar named
Heme th-an arms smuggler who was looking to cut a
deal with one or both factions of the kuo-toa, but instead
found himself captured for his trouble. He's willing to
cooperate with the characters to save his own skin. and
will even return the favor given the opportunity (see
chapter 4, ··Gracklstugh").

Kuo-toa parade around the altar in a wide circle as
they chant. Part of their path sends them splashing
and wading through the shallows of the Darklake. The
characters quickly can't tell one faction of fish-folk from
the other, but they see the archpriest of the Sea Mother
and his whip moving toward the altar.
Bloppblippodd calls for the sacrifices to be brought
forth, and one kuo-toa per character jumps to do her
bidding. They prod the characters with their spears to
herd them toward a slight depression 20 feet from the
altar, w ith a large grate at its center. The characters can
see that the s tonework of the depression is stained with
th e blood of innumerable sacrifices, and they can hear
the gentle lapping of the Darklake coming up through
the grate. The chanting grows louder.
When the sacrifices are brought forward,
Bloppblippodd gestures toward the altar, whereupon her
father s uddenly attacks, striking her with his scepter.
Kuo-toa loyal to him surge forward to attack, while the
guards that brought the characters forward stand in
shock. They are surprised and can't move or take an
action on their first turn of the combat, and they can't
take reactions umilthat first turn ends.
As the two archpriests and their followers fight, the
characters can intervene on either side or attempt to slip
away during the melee.
On round 3 of the fight, characters notice kuo-toa
crying out and flailing in the shallows of the Darklake.
Several are pulled under or strike at unseen foes
beneath the surface. The water foams red with blood.
Dozens of ixitxac hitl (see appendix C) a re responsible
for the attacks in the water. They have been drawn
by the kuo-toa ritual and feast on any creatures they
can reach, including party members in the water. The
sudden frenzy sets a wave of panic through the kuo-toa.
The young archpriest calls out "Leemooggoogoon!"
just as her father strikes a final, fatal blow, dropping
her before the profane altar. (If any character is also
engaging the archpriest of the Deep Father. allow that
character to strike the final blow.)

Although Bloppblippodd falls, the ritual still achieves a
terrible success. Read the following:
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