Algebra 1 Common Core Student Edition, Grade 8-9

(Marvins-Underground-K-12) #1
Apply @ 52. Writing If a one-step equ atio n includes addition, should you expect to solve it by
using addition? W hy or why not?


  1. Think About a Plan C ostum es for a play at a com m unity th eate r cost
    $1500, w hich is one third of th e total budget. W hat is th e total b udget for
    the play?

    • How can th e m odel at the right help you solve th e problem?

    • How does th e m odel tell you w hich operation to use in th e equation?

  2. Entertainm ent On a quiz show, a co n testa n t was p enalized 250 points for an
    incorrect answer, leaving th e co n testa n t w ith 1050 points. How m any points did the
    co n testan t have before th e penalty?

1500 1500

Solve each equation. Check your answer.

  1. 7 = 3 + a

  2. § g = - 4


  1. 4d

  2. 2 - = 2 10


56.23 = 7x 57.z — 4 - = 2-z 3 Z

59.r;14 ~ 5 _ r^ 60.h + 2.8 = - 3 .7

62.-4 = | d 63. 1. 6 m = 1.28

65.4= l| + P^66 .—5.3 + z = 8.9
G\ 00 5b = 8.5 69.^55 n=--3- 10
7 0. Picnics At a p arty of 102 people, 17 lb of potato salad is served.
a. Write a n d solve an equation to find how m any people each p o u n d of potato
salad serves.
b. W rite an d solve an equation to find th e average n u m b e r of p o u n d s of potato
salad th at each p erso n is served. R ound your answ er to the nearest h u n d red th.

  1. Error Analysis D escribe an d correct the error in solving th e equ atio n at
    th e right.
    7 2. U.S. H is to ry Between 1788 a n d 2008, th e U.S. C onstitution was am en d e d
    27 times. How m any years have p assed on average b etw een one
    am e n d m e n t an d th e next, to th e nearest te n th of a year?

  2. Volleyball In volleyball, players serve th e ball to th e opposing team. If
    th e opposing team fails to hit the ball, th e service is called an ace. A player's ace
    average is th e n u m b e r of aces served divided by th e n u m b e r of gam es played.
    A certain player has an ace average of 0.3 an d has played in 70 gam es this season.
    How m any aces has th e player served?

  3. Open-Ended W rite a problem th a t you can m odel w ith a o ne-step equation. Write
    th e equation an d solve the problem.

  4. Language According to one count, th e letter e m akes u p one eighth of a typical
    d o cu m en t w ritten in English. A d o cu m en t contains 2800 letters. About how m any
    letters in the d o cu m en t are not e?

86 Chapter 2 So l v i n g Eq u a t i o n s

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