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Castine Current

Midshipmen of NROTC Unit MMA participate in a Unit Log Run. The training run fosters fortitude while stressing the importance of teamwork along a 2.5 mile course through Castine. The

MMA unit is composed of 58 students. (Photo by Billy Sims)


eamwork, physical stamina, esprit de corps
and friendly rivalry are the hallmarks of the
lifeboat race at the culmination of MUG
Month. A longstanding tradition at Regimental
Induction Weekend, held on October 8, the life-
boat race involved Midshipmen Under Guidance
(MUG’s) from each of the four main companies.
Under the leadership of their Strykers, lifeboat
MUGs hone their rowing skills, create company
identities through costumes, and race to victory
and MUG Honor Company points.

Families, friends, and fellow midshipmen
viewed this year’s event from TS State of Maine,
cheering their MUGs to the finish line at the ves-
sel’s stern. Despite the strong current, breeze and
cool autumn temperatures, the competition was

fierce, with Alpha Company, led by boat captain
2/C Stryker Bob Euiler, claiming the hard-fought
victory. The refrain of the rock band Queen’s We
Are the Champions could be heard from Alpha’s
boat, and camaraderie was shared across all of the
companies as they welcomed their rowers ashore.
“Our group came together with a desire to
win for each other,” says Euiler, “and have a good

Winning Crew:
4/C Michael Carnevale
4/C Spencer Snow
4/C Ryan Holdgate
4/C Dana Ouelette
4/C Tyler Glynn
4/C David Ramage
4/C Matai Martin

Our group came together

as a team with a desire

to win for each other...


MUGS row to victory


Photo by Morgan Andrews
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