Dungeon Master's Guide 5e

(Joyce) #1


  • aistlin's] eyes studied the Portal, studied every detail
    ently-although it was not really necessary. He had seen
    -myriad times in dreams both sleeping and waking. The
    .ells to open it were simple, nothing elaborate or complex.
    ~-ch ofthefive dragon heads surrounding and guarding
    ~ Portal must be propitiated with the correct phrase. Each
    :.tSt be spoken to in the proper order. But, once that was
    ne and the White-Robed Cleric had exhorted Po/adine
    ·'ltercede and hold the Portal open, they would enter.
    · · ould close behind them.
    _-md he would face his greatest challenge.
    -Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, War of the Twins

~ortal" is a general term for a stationary interplanar
nnection that links a specific location on one plane
a pecific location on another. Some portals function
.:-e doorways, appearing as a clear window or a fog-
.;.--ouded passage, and interplanar travel i s as simple
.--epping through the doorway. Other portals are
tions-circle s of standing stones, soaring towers,
ing ships, or even whole towns-that exist in
tiple planes at once or flicker from one plane to

  • ther. Some are vortices, joining an Ele mental Plane

    • a very similar location on the Material Plane, such
      -= -e heart of a volcano (leading to the· Plane of Fire) or
      depths of the ocean (to the Plane of Water).
      ? ing through a planar portal can be the simplest
      _-w travel from the Material Plane to a desired
      arion on another plane. Most of the time, though, a
      :tal presents an adventure in itself.
      :=- t. the adventurers must find a portal that leads
      ere they want to go. Most portals exist in distant
      ations, and a portal's location often has thematic

  • a rities to the plane it leads to. For example, a portal

  • e heavenly mountain of Celestia might be located
    a mountain peak.

  • cond, portals often have guardians charged with
    illfing that undesirable people don't pass through.
    :;>ending on the portal's destination, "undesirable

  • pie·· might include evil characters, good characters,
    :ards , thieves, anyone wearing a robe, or any mortal
    -e ture. A portal's guardian is typically a powerful

  • · gical creature, such as a genie, sphinx, titan, or
    .-e of t he portal's destination plane.
    -=-mally, most portals don't stand open all the time,
    -open only in particular situations or when a certain
    ·rement is met. A portal can have any conceivable

    • e ment, but the following are the most common:
      e. T he portal functions only at particular times:
      ilfing a full moon on the Material Plane, or every ten
      y. or when the stars are in a particular position.
      nee it opens, such a portal remains open for a
      ired time, such as for three days following the full
      ~n. or for an hour, or for ld4 + 1 rounds.
      -- ation. The portal functions only if a particular
      ondition is met. A situation-keyed portal opens

on a clear night, or when it ra ins, or when a certain
spell is cast in its vicinity.
Random. A random portal functions for a random
period, then shuts down for a similarly random
duration. Typically, such a portal allows ld6 +
6 travelers to pass through, then shuts down
for ld6 days.
Command Word. The portal functions only if a
particular command word is spoken. Sometimes the
word must be spoken as a character passes through
the portal (which is otherwise a mundane doorway,
window, or similar opening). Other portals open when
th e command word is spoken and remain open for a
short time.
Key. The portal functions if the traveler is holding a
particular object; the item acts much like a key to
ll. door. This key item can be a common object or a
particular key created for that portal. The city of Sigil
above the Outlands is known as the City of Doors
because it features an overwhelming number of such
item-keyed portals.
Learning and meeting a portal's require ments can
draw characters into further adventures as they chase
down a key ite m , scour old libraries for command
words, or consult sages to find the right time
to visit the portal.
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