Dungeon Master's Guide 5e

(Joyce) #1


Fey crossings are places of mystery and beauty on the
Material Plane that have a near-perfect mirror in the
Feywild, creating a portal where the two planes touch.
A traveler passes through a fey crossing by entering a
clearing, wading into a pool, stepping into a circle of
mushrooms, or crawling under the trunk of a tree. To
the traveler, it seems like he or she has simply walked
into the Feywild w ith a step. To an observer, the traveler
is there one moment and gone the next.
Like other portals between planes, most fey crossings
open infrequently. A crossing might open only during
a full moon, on the dawn of a particular day, or for
someone carrying a certain type of item. A fey crossing
can be closed permanently if the land on either side is
dramatically altered- for example, if a castle is built
over the clearing on the Material Plane.

Tales speak of children kidnapped by fey creatures
and spirited away to the Feywild, only to return to their
parents years later without having aged a day, and
with no memories of their captors or the realm they
came from. Likewise, adventurers who return from an
excursion to the Feywild are often alarmed to discover
upon their return that time flows differently on the
Plane of Faerie, and that the memories of their visit
are hazy. You can use these optional rules to reflect the
strange magic that suffuses the plane.


A creature that leaves the Feywild must make a DC
10 Wisdom saving throw. Fey creatures automatically
succeed on the saving throw, as do any creatures, like
elves, that have the Fey Ancestry trait. A creature that
fails the saving throw remembers nothing from its
time spent in the Feywild. On a successful save, the
creature's memories remain intact but are a little hazy.
Any spell that can end a curse can restore the creature's
lost memories.

While time seems to pass normally in the Feywild,
characters might spend a day there and realize, upon
leaving the plane, that less or more time has elapsed
everywhere else in the multiverse.
Whenever a creature or group of creatures leaves
the Feywild after spending at least 1 day on that plane,
you can choose a time change that works best for your
campaign, if any, or roll on the Feywild Time Warp
table. A wish spell can be used to remove the effect on
up to ten creatures. Some powerful fey have the ability
to grant such wishes and might do so if the beneficiaries
agree to subject themselves to a geas spell and complete
a quest after the wish spell is cast.

d2 0 Result d20 Result
1-2 Days become 14-17 Days become weeks
m inutes 18-19 Days become
3-6 Days become hours months
7-13 No change 20 Days become years
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