Dungeon Master's Guide 5e

(Joyce) #1
wt of clashing energies and colliding substance
ed the Elemental Chaos. Elementals can be found
-a well, but they usua lly don't stay long, preferring
~ .:om fort of their native planes. Reports indicate
~xistence of weird hybrid elementals native to the
ental Chaos, but such creatures are seldom seen

  • e r planes.

~A e ntia! nature of air is movement, animation, and
ration. Air is the breath of life, the winds of change,

  • c;-e h breeze that clears away the fog of ignorance
    -· e tuffiness of old ideas.
    -- Plane of Air is an open expanse with constant
    of varying strength. Here and there, chunks of
    --drift in the openness-the remnants of failed
    , ·ons by denizens of the Plane of Earth. These earth
    .: erve as homes for the creatures of elemental air,
    :::1any motes are covered with lush vegetation. Other
    es live on cloud banks infused with enough
    o become solid surfaces, strong enough to
    n rowns and castles.
    · ·ng cloud banks can obscure visibility in any
    ·on in the plane. Storms are frequent, mostly on
    . "tb a strong thunderstorm but occasionally more

  • ;;erce tornadoes or mighty hurricanes. The air is
    ~ except near the Plane of Water (where it is biting

  • and the Plane of Fire (where it is searing hot).
    ~and snow fall only in the part of the plane nearest
    --.-Plane of Water.
    r of the Plane of Air is a complex web of air
    :-="'"'"'· currents, and winds called the Labyrinth
    . T hese range from stiff breezes to howling gales
    can r ip a creature apart. Even the most skilled
    ~g creatures must navigate these currents carefully,
    -g \Yith the winds, not against them.
    -::re and there among the Labyrinth Winds are
    :.:.en realms reachable only by following a particular
    :"' ·ence of flowing winds, and thus largely protected
    r attackers. One such realm is fabled Aaqa, a

  • · g domain of silver spires and verdant gardens
    _ a fertile earth mote. The Wind Dukes of Aaqa are
    ted to law and good, and they maintain a vigilant
    h against the depredations of elemental evil and the
    G<>achment of the Elemental Chaos. They are served
    aarakocra and a little-known race called the vaati.

  • -e region of the Plane of Air nearest the Great
    . -"agration is called the Sirocco Straits. Hot, dry
    · scour the earth motes in this area to dry and
    ::-en chunks of rock. Gargoyles and their a llies from
    -^0 lane of Earth gather here to launch raids into the
    3e een the Sea of Fire (on the Plane of Fire) and
    irocco Straits is a towering firestorm called the
    reat Conflagration, sometimes called the Plane of
    -"-.Howling winds from the Plane of Air mix with the

  • · er storms and lava of the Plane of Fire to create an
    ess storm front-a wall of flames, smoke, and ash.
    -= thick ash obscures sight beyond a few dozen feet,

  • the battering winds make travel difficult. Here and
    =-e. ash clusters into floating realms where outlaws
    fugitives take shelter.

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