Dungeon Master's Guide 5e

(Joyce) #1
Fire represents vibrancy, passion, and change. At
it s worst, it is cruel and wantonly destructive, as the
efreet often are, but at its best, fire reflects the light of
inspiration, the warmth of compassion, and the flame
of desire.
A blazing sun hangs at the zenith of a golden sky
above the Plane of Fire, waxing and waning on a
1-l-hour cycle. It ranges from white hot at noon to deep
::-ed at midnight, so the darkest hours of the plane
display a deep red twilight. At noon, the light is nearly
lin ding. Most business in the City of Brass (see below)
takes place during the darker hours.
The weather on the plane is marked by fierce winds
and thi ck ash. Although the air is breathable, creatures
ot native to the plane must cover their mouths and
eyes to avoid stinging cinders. The efreet use magic to
·eep the cinder storms away from the City of Brass,

  • ut elsewhere in the plane, the wind is always at least
    · lustery and rises to hurrican e force during the
    orst storms.
    The heat in the Plane of Fire is compa rable to
    a hot desert on the Material Pla n e, and poses a
    ::imilar threat to travelers (see "Extreme Heat" in
    hapter 5, "Adventure Environments"). The deeper
    one goes into the plane, the rare r water becomes.
    3eyond a point, the plane holds no sources of water,

  • travelers must carry their own supplies or produce
    ater by magic.
    T he Plane of Fire is dominated by the vast Cinder
    astes, a great expanse of black cinders and embers
    ossed by rivers of lava. Roving bands of salamanders
    bartle each other, raid azer outposts, and avoid the
    ~ reet. Ancient ruins dot the desert-remnants of
    :"orgotten civilizations.
    A great range of volcanic mountains called the
    Fountains of Creation is home to azers. These rocky
    ;>eaks c url from the edge of the Pla ne of Earth around

  • e Cinder Wastes toward the fiery heart of the plane.
    the edge of the plane, the mountains are also called
    e P la ne of Magma. Fire giants and red dragons
    :nake their homes here, as well as creatures from the
    eighboring planes.
    Lava flows through the volcanoes toward the Plane
    fAir and pools into a great lava sea, called the Sea
    of Fire, sailed by efreet and azers in great brass ships.
    -lands of obsidian and basalt jut up from the sea,
    otted with ancient ruins and the lairs of powerful
    ::-ed dragons. On the shore of the Sea of Fire stands
    the City of Brass.

Perhaps the best-known location in the Inner Planes is
the City of Brass, on the shores of the Sea of Fire. This
i the fabled city of the efreet, and its ornate spires and
meta l walls reflect their grandiose and cruel nature.
True to the nature of the Plane of Fire, everything in ,
the city seems alive with dancing flame s , reflecting the
.;brant energy of the place.
Adventurers frequently come he re on quests for
.egendary magic. If it 's possible to buy magic items at
all. the City of Brass is the most likely place to find any

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