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Artist Speak

The Ideal Home and Garden July 2019 | 83


hevisualsthatGaurvicreates are a
reaction to her everyday experiences.

She had always been interested in

drawing, but discovered her fascination

for collages while living in Japan. She

mentions, “Art is a language, that I am

most comfortable with. I speak my

heart out when I draw. What I express

through art is pure and heartfelt. Art

is also a medium for me to vent out

emotions, I am struggling with and a way

of celebration, when I am happy, positive

and joyful.” After Gaurvi stepped into

motherhood, her works were mostly

woven around the small moments spent

with her little one. Like nature walk with

him, waiting for his school bus, sitting

under a tree listening to birds sing.

She celebrated these small moments

by drawing them. Her creations are an

honest documentation of this transition.

Since her college days, Gaurvi was

interested in working with mixed media.

She says, “I love how the materials add

another dimension to the artwork. Love

for detail that I experienced in Japanese

culture seeped into my work. And slowly

from linear and bold strokes my work

became small and detailed. My art has

grown with me, and I enjoyhowmy

experiences shape my work.”tiHG

Gaurvi Sharma
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