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94 | July 2019 The Ideal Home and Garden

Ideal Living

they are essentially doing is preserving and guarding their
artistic heritage for themselves and their future generations.
This wonderful family too had a treasure trove of collectibles
th at they have amassed over the years from their travels, which
are full of sentiments and nostalgia and add to the meaning of
the scheme.”

One of the statement places in the house, and also the
introduction to the French aesthetics is the living room. The
entrance has an enchanting beading work with a shoe console,
while the inside has egg-shell hued walls and mid-century
modern furniture, which have an antique walnut polish adding
to the whole yesteryear charm. The recognisable signatures of

the timeless French style—such as the inviting turquoise-drunk
Chesterfield sofa where cushions—with embroidered patterns
starring and solids, lend themselves as an impressive ensemble
cast. Adjoining the living room is a roomy balcony where a chic
rustique narrative unfolds with a beautiful pergola, airy rattan
outdoor furniture, mirrors made of hollowed-out tree stumps,
potted plants, and not to forget the ceramic animal menagerie
that’s seen in other areas of the home as well. “The balcony is,
hands down, my favourite spot—this is where I imagined the
family to come together, cuddle, catch up—whilst savouring a
sweeping view of the city,” says Pooja.
When it comes to the bedrooms—master and guest-follow two
diverse colour schemes, materials, and flourishes. “The mandate


Since French

aesthetics feature

a lot of animals,

the designers have

incorporated some

ceramic animal

menagerie in various

areas of the home.

the color
palette is a mix
of green, grey and
blue with fresh hues

of nature.

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