(C. Jardin) #1

96 | July 2019 The Ideal Home and Garden

Ideal Living

I received from the homeowners for the bedrooms was
simple—to aim for modern-day comfort first and while
you are at—bring in the character and personality,” shares
Pooja. So, while the master bedroom conveys a dreamy
softness and farmhouse bent—the guest bedroom, on the
other, evokes coastal calm and Mediterranean liveliness.
The master bedroom has a sitting space with two chairs
for times when they wish to read or just be. There is no
television in the room, but there is a state-of-the-art music

an egg-shell hue
with mid-century
modern dining
table and chair.
Gracefully rendered
details make an
indispensable part
of the Gallic charm.


One of the prominent features of this
weekend home is the pretty yet practical
bar—the star of which is undeniably—the
painstakingly carved bar counter that has an
onyx top and is back lit for the
perfect mood lighting for when they
wish to entertain.



paintingsandtrulylovethefrench vibe of
collecting history-laden objet d’arts.
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