(C. Jardin) #1

The Ideal Home and Garden July 2019 | 99

Ideal Getaway

Behind the classic

appearance of The Hôtel

Le Bellechasse is hidden an

outstanding personality. 33

rooms of character where

designs, figures, colours

and subjects are skillfully

orchestrated and re-occur

at the same times neo-

classicism and bohemian

spirit. Playing with a

palette of ambiences and

influences, perpetuating

a skillful balance between

audacity and tradition,

Christian Lacroix

created seven universes

of diversity throughout

the rooms: Patchwork,

Avengers, Saint Germain,

Tuileries, Musketeers,

Jeu de Paume and Quai

d’Orsay. All these different

themes are a perfect mix

of the designer’s colourful

world and the distinct

aristocratic tradition of

the neighbourhood. A

notable facility is that the

hotel provides you with a

smartphone for free with

internet access, which will

help you stay connected

with the hotel and the

world both.

hôtel le



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