Human Anatomy Vol 1

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  1. Shoulder region

Table 1.2: Parts of the upper limb
Bones Joints
a. Pectoral region on the Bones of the shoulder girdle. Sternoclavicular joint
front of the chest a. Clavicle. Acromioclavicular joint
b. Axilla or armpit b. Scapula
c. Scapular region on the
Humerus Shoulder joint
(scapulohumeral joint)
a. Radius. Elbow joint
b. Ulna. Radioulnar joints
a. Wrist. Carpus, made up of. Wrist joint
I carpal bones (radiocarpal joint)

. lntercarpal joints
b. Hand proper. Metacarpus, made up of. Carpometacarpal joints
5 metacarpal bones
c. Five digits, numbered. 14 phalanges-two for. lntermetacarpal joints
from lateral to medial side the thumb, and three for
First = Thumb or pollex each of the four fingers. Metacarpophalangeal
Second = lndex or forefinger joints
Third = Middle finger ' Proximal and distal
Fourth = Ring finger interphalangeal joints
Fifth = Little finger

The phalanges form metacarpophalangeal joints with
the metacarpals and interphalangeal joints with one
Movements of the hand are permitted chiefly at the
wrist joint. The thumb moves at the first carpometa-
carpal joint; where an exclusive movement of
opposition besides the other usual movements are
permitted. Each of the second to fifth digits move at
metacarpophalangeal, proximal and distal inter-
phalangeal joints. Figure L.2 and Flow chart 1.1 shows
the lines of force transmission.

  1. Upper arm (arm or brachium)
    from shoulder to the elbow

  2. Forearm (antebrachium)
    from elbow to the wrist

  3. Hand

4 The hand (rr.ants) includes:
a. The wrist or carpus, supported by eight carpal
bones arranged in two rows.
b. The hand proper or metacarpus, supported by five
metacarpal bones.
c. Fiae digits (thurl:.b and four fingers). Each finger is
supported by three phalanges, but the thumb has
only two phalanges (there being 14 phalanges in all).
The carpal bones form the wrist joint with the radius,
intercarpal joints with one another, and carpometa-
carpal joints with the metacarpals.

Flow chafi 1.1 : Lines of force transmission


Elbow joint
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