Playground (2021 #1)

(The Playground) #1

work. It comes very naturally to

Camille, and she is not scared of

brightly using it. They hold emotions,

create an atmosphere, and indirectly

tell us a story. Besides using color in

an intuitive way, she’s also researches

color in a scientific way. In collaboration

with the Bio Lab of KASK Gent she’s

searching for ways to improve existing

design systems and textile industries

by closely researching UV sensitive

colors made from Micro Algae.

Working closely with others and

researching in a scientific lab,

discussing love and fragility and

talking about ecology and the

environment are all key to her practice.

Because only when we find our way

back home to love ourselves, we can

create a healthy connection with this


instagram @camille.wouterson

“Change a little, change a lot. No one should carry the world alone”

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