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went viral across social media
platforms and a wave of Pali
students became involved in
the conversation about the
statistic and its significance.
“I’m really glad that a com-
prehensive study on sexual
harassment has finally been
conducted because I feel like a
lot of the time sexual assault is
really the only aspect of harass-
ment that we have statistics on,”
Govindraj said. “It’s really lim-
iting in that so many women,
despite not being assaulted per
se, have been negatively affect-
ed by rape culture in some way.”
Also joining in on the di-
alogue was senior Jairo Ville-
gas, who experienced backlash
on Instagram after clarifying
what he considered to be mis-

conceptions about the study.
“People were using the 97
percent harassment statistic

[to say that] 97 percent of men
were the aggressors,” Villegas
said. “They were flip-flopping
the statistic, and that’s not cool.”
Villegas expressed frus-
tration that as the statis-
tic spread, misinformation
villainizing large numbers
of men spread as well.
“People are just making
statements without stating

a source, they’re just throw-
ing numbers up,” he said.
“That’s the problem... People

need to do their homework.”
Villegas said he considers
sexual harassment to be more
than just a women’s issue.
Mirroring his view, a 2017
CNBC poll found that 10 per-
cent of men reported being vic-
tims of sexual harassment or sex-
ual misconduct at work. In fact,
the Washington Post reported
in 2018 that men account for

nearly one in five complaints of
workplace sexual harassment.
“Sexual harassment is a
problem in general. Not just
women are harassed. I have
been groped and a lot of my
homies have also been sexually
violated,” Villegas said. “Under
the qualifications of what this
study was considering harass-
ment, I’m sure 97 percent of the
people on the planet have expe-
rienced harassment in that way.”
Some students have sprung
into action to address the issue,
trying to initiate productive
change in the Pali community.
Sophomore Shaya Key-
vanfar became a certified peer
educator last August with
SafeBAE, a student-led organi-
zation seeking to end sexual as-

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