(Jacob Rumans) #1

14 RUNNER’S WORLD JULY 201829 %EAT & DRINK``````8 %NAP``````60 %SHOWER /BATH``````The Poll``````2 %ICE BATH``````1 %MASSAGEWHATIS YOURFAVOURITEPOST-RUNRITUAL?THELOOPPHOTOGRAPHS SUPPLIED (ADIDAS); ROBERT WARD (STRETCHING)``````The Gallery#RWRUNGo get ‘em, daddy! #Comrades- @gailmabalaneAddicted To Life hanging withchamps! This is a sign. What legends!- @addictedtolifesaHERO OF THE COMRADESMARATHON! Xolani Luvuno is anamputee athlete who inished the raceusing his crutches!!! – @saindians``````Two of our Legendairy Cows inishing@comradesmarathon 2018 in CowElvis suits. Super Heroes raising cashfor kids with cancer. #comrades- @luckygordyThe Question``````FirstAscent 2lhydrationpack.- Cheryl FlueeGarminFenix that rosegold andwhite.- Taniko GoughSkechersGo RunUltra Road- Dawn Millsadidas blackUltra Boostrunningshoes.- Carin JonkerI’m an ocial Comrades inisher –how awesome is that? Truly, greatthings happen when you believe inyourself. #Comrades- @aliciamagagula

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