(Jacob Rumans) #1

Go!``````Frivolous``````Stop!``````Momentous``````16 RUNNER’S WORLD JULY 2018### THE LOOPTHE INTERSECTIONWHERE RUNNING AND CULTURE COLLIDEAfter discovering course-cutting, the Mexico CityMarathon disqualifies5 806 people. Runners saythey cheated for medals,social-media acclaim, orcall it a training run.``````The New York Timesreports thatwhile in high school, White HouseSenior Advisor Stephen Miller allegedlyjumped into a girls’ track race, to showsupremacy over the opposite sex.``````A wardrobe malfunctionplagues Jozef Urban in the finalstretch of the Košice PeaceMarathon, exposing his genitals(and yielding internet fame).The ballsy performance earnsthe Slovakian a time of 2:21:51.``````Four years after his daughter’s death,Fred Miller runs the Chicago Marathonalongside Shae Brown, the womanwho received his daughter’s heart.``````American Devon Bieling rolls –literally – to a Boston Marathonqualifying time at the Tunnel VisionMarathon, after her legs give out 12mfrom the finish line. At 3:34:02, shefinishes with 58 seconds to spare.``````Louis Vuitton launchesits first full-knit runningshoe, featuring a hand-painted sole. Eachshoe takes about threehours to make.``````A grumpy pony in westernBritish Columbia harassesa group of runners, andbites a police officer anda construction worker. Ittakes three police cars tocorral the steed.``````Colorado Springs Police searchfor a woman dubbed “the madpooper” for regularly defecatingon a neighbour’s pavement whileout running. Charmin Toilet Paperoffers a year’s supply...``````An Australian man dresses to the ninesand wins the title of fastest marathoner ina three-piece suit. The 25-year-old lawyerbreaks the four-year-old Guinness WorldRecord with a time of 2:44:29.``````Former elite marathoner turnedpoliceman Jack Kruse runs downand tackles an armed suspect,losing his shoe in the process.Note: never attempt to outrun a59-year-old who once finished14th in the Boston Marathon.``````PHOTOGRAPHS BY CINDY KUZMA (MILLER & BROWN); GALLO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES (POLICE HAT); COURTESY OF DEVON BIELING (BIELING); COURTESY OF GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS (AUSTRALIAN MAN); COURTESY LOUIS VUITTON (SHOE); MITCH MANDEL (SHORTS)

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