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12``````3``````Newcomers shouldstart on the lowestsetting and slowlybuild intensity, limitinguse to one or two timesa week and vibing for, atmost, 30 minutes at a time.``````PROTIP!WORDS: RICK PEARSON. PHOTOGRAPHS: JONATHAN PUSHNIK (MAIN IMAGE), LUCKY IF SHARPJULY 2018 RUNNERSWORLD.CO.UK 019WARM-UPS INJURYMORE AND MORE athletes are using vibrationto increase their resilience to injury. Whenvibrations are applied to a muscle,proprioceptors (sensors in the muscle)cause tissues to relax, says Matthew NBerenc, director of the Equinox FitnessTraining Institute. That’s good news forrunners because such a response canlead to an increased range of motion.Research from the University of NorthCarolina at Chapel Hill, US, found thatwhen 19 people used the HypericeVyper, a vibrating foam roller, fromankle to knee, they experienced agreater increase in ankle range ofmotion than those who used anormal foam roller. Berenc advises‘vibing’ after you run, especially if you’reout ive to six days a week. Running that oftenmeans more repetitive movement, which,Berenc says, should be counterbalanced in away that allows muscles to relax. Ten minutesof vibration therapy each day is plenty.GOOD VIBESThere’s a lot of buzz about thepower of vibration therapy1. TheraGun G2PROA major investment, butthe range of attachments –such as a deep-tissue cone- give you plenty ofbang for your, £2. Hyperice HypersphereMassage Ball This gizmois perfect for accessingthose hard-to-reach, £139.3. Pulseroll VibratingFoam Roller Four speedsand it’s portable and, £99.TAKE THE PULSE

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