101 Activities For Teaching Creativity And Problem Solving

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Ticklers: Related and Unrelated Stimuli 117

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Tickler Things Handout

Assume you are an executive flying to a hotel site with several staff members. You want
more ideas for attracting customers. One of your managers suggests using an airplane
seat as the stimulus object. Right away, Nan (Ms. Creativity) Smith suggests recliner
chairs in hotel rooms. Other staff members chime in with such ideas as stereo headsets in
rooms and special beds with mattresses that can be raised and lowered.
You next challenge your staff members to use an airplane as a stimulus. Nan immedi-
ately suggests theme hotel rooms such as aeronautical or outer space rooms. Even Robert
(Mr. Analytical) Jones has an idea: join with an airline to offer special discounts for people
who fly the airline and stay at your hotel.

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