The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration

(Barré) #1

of the premises of this book is that health is really very simple, yet we spend
a large part of our time and money trying to achieve it. The Detox Miracle
Sourcebook will help you to understand your species, and encourage you
toward eating in harmony with your anatomical, physiological and
biochemical processes. This will give you vitality and a disease-free life.

Allow yourself the time and discipline to become alive again through
detoxification! Put your heart, self-discipline and soul into it. Detoxification
will be one of the greatest things you do for yourself in your lifetime.

NOTE: As this book was written for the healthcare practitioner and lay
person alike, some chapters are more scientifically based than others. For
myself, I say: “Keep it simple!” Pass over those chapters that might confuse
you at first. Come back later and read them to better understand your body
and how it works. Your body is a very complex machine, but keeping it
healthy is very simple.

A Person Journey


was raised in a small town in Indiana. The typical diet in this part of the
country consisted of lots of dairy products, refined sugars, grains and, of
course, meat three times a day. Dairy products and refined sugars are very
mucus forming, consequently I became addicted to nose drops, as my sinus
cavities were always blocked. I also developed severe constipation, which led
to bleeding hemorrhoids. Along with all this came migraine headaches, about
every three days. When I was taken to one specialist after another, the stories
I would hear, hypothesizing over the cause of these severe headaches, after a
while became a joke. Obesity was another side effect of this type of diet. If I
were not connected consciously to God in these early years, depression
would have overcome my life. My love for God and life has always
dominated my life, giving me an inward joy.

In the late 1960s I became a raw-food eater. I was reading books by
Ehret, Jensen, Hotema, Mc-Faddin, Tilden (see Bibliography), and a dozen
other great healers, about the common sense concepts of not destroying the
foods you eat before you eat them. I read about breatharianism and the ability
to live off of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, etc. Since all elements are
made up of these higher atoms in the first place, it made sense to me that if
our consciousness was in the right place we could survive at this level. Souls
that survive at this level are known as “God eaters.” Since I wanted to know

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