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I want to listen to the radio on my iPhone for
30–60 minutes when I go to bed, before the
music shuts off along with the phone. In the
morning, I’d like the phone alarm to wake me at
6 a.m. Is that possible?

Sing Me to Sleep

Dear Sing,
Mostly. Your iPhone can’t automatically turn itself
off or on. But you can do the other things! First,
you can have your music shut off automatically
by using the Stop Playing feature in the iPhone’s
Timer. Open the Clock app and tap Timer in the
bottom right corner. Next, tap When Timer Ends,
scroll down to the bottom of the list of alert tones,
and tap Stop Playing. Then tap Set. Now you can
start your radio and set a timer, and the playback
will stop when the timer ends. If you want to set a
timer on your phone for a different purpose, don’t
forget to change the alert from Stop Playing to an
alert tone.

As for your alarm, just tap the Alarm tab in the
Clock app and set it for 6 a.m. on the days you
want to be woken at that time, set the alarm tone,
and tap Save.

If I have many Safari tabs open on my iPhone,
can I see the number displayed someplace? I
don’t want to count them manually.

How Many Tabs

Dear Tabs,
You can see how many tabs you have open in the
Safari app by pressing and holding the tab icon in
the bottom right corner of your screen (one rect-
angle on top of another). At the top of the menu
that pops up, you’ll see the option to close all tabs,
and the number of open tabs will be listed there as

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My Photos app has several People albums, but
the albums are missing a significant number of
pictures of those people. How do I add them?

Gone Missing

Dear Missing,
You can easily add more pictures to the People al-
bums. Open the person’s album, tap the circle with
the three dots, and tap Confirm Additional Photos
to be taken through a series of photos your iPhone
recognizes as being of that person. If you later
come across a photo of them that hasn’t been add-
ed, tap on the photo and then swipe up. Below the
picture you’ll see a circle with the person’s face.
Tap it and then tap Add Name. Enter the person’s
name, tap Next, and then tap Done. Eventually,
your iPhone will get better at identifying photos of
that person.

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