+iPad iPhone Life - USA (2019-Fall)

(Antfer) #1
70 Tripod Roundup
The best stands for
stabilizing your shot.

Top Tips

71 The 5 Folder Fix
Organize fi les, emails, and
photos like a pro.

74 AirPods Guide
Get the most out of Apple’s
wireless earbuds.

77 The Photo Album Guide
Create and share albums
with friends and family.


59 Baruti KMT Sisouvong

65 Matt Hyder

Fall 2019

Regular Departments

4 Editor's Message

6 Stuff the iPhone Life Team Is

8 Online at iPhoneLife.com

10 Hey, Sarah

80 iView: Lessons Learned by
iPhone Life’s Founder


12 Unveiling iOS 13
Security updates, Dark
Mode, and more.

18 WWDC in Review
Highlights from the 2019
Worldwide Developers

22 The Big Picture
Top 5 takeaways from

26 Apple News Plus Review
The new magazine service
has issues.

Life & Tech

53 Organize Your Electronics
Conquer your clutter with
these strategies.

56 Be a Better Online Friend
Use the power of social
media to strengthen

60 Date Life
Plan the perfect outing, right
from your iPhone.

62 Winterize Your Home
Reduce your bills and
improve your health.

Great Gear

66 Blast from the Past
Reminisce with these
nostalgic, updated gadgets.

68 You and Qi
Find the wireless charger
that’s right for you.
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