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The Season for Tech Has Begun

he spring months are a sleepy time of year for tech enthusi-
asts; we don’t hear much about what Apple is creating be-
hind closed doors. Starting with the Worldwide Developers
Conference in June, however, Apple unveils the next version
of iOS, and rumors of new iPhones begin to swirl.

This year ’s busy season is now in full swing—iOS 13 made its debut,
and Apple released an operating system for the iPad, which could
move the tablet toward becoming a more viable laptop replacement.
iPhone 11 rumors tell us to expect a potentially unsightly triple-lens
camera that will boast a more powerful optical zoom.

To be honest, iOS 13 is a bit disjointed (page 12) compared to the
more coherent updates we’re used to. However, this year’s OS for the
iPhone is full of helpful refi nements like Dark Mode with its relaxing
color palette, and Sign in with Apple, which logs you in with the con-
venience of Facebook and trademarked privacy protections. The best
part of software releases? You get to enjoy them whether or not you
buy a new iPhone in the fall.

The Best Apps Issue

Our Associate Editor Leanne has been hard at work downloading and
testing apps for our annual apps issue! Along with all the categories
you’d expect like photography (page 43), productivity (page 48), and
gaming (page 46), she’s included a roundup of recommendations that
will put a smile on your friends’ and family members’ faces (page 42).

Our Senior Web Editor Sarah has pitched in with a roundup of apps
you should download before the weather begins to change (page 44).
With these options in your arsenal, you’ll have everything you need to
stay cozy when winter inevitably sets in.

Donna Cleveland
Editor in Chief
iPhone Life magazine, donna@iphonelife.com

Editor's Message

Re: The iPhone 11 is rumored to have a triple
lens camera; do you care how it will look or
just how it will function?
I am going to wait until I see an iPhone 11 in
the fl esh, as I have many times found myself
saying, ”I don’t like the new Mac Pro or
iPhone X,” only to be bowled over when I see
it at an Apple Store. For me, the problem is
the closeness of the three lenses to the Apple
logo; they interfere with each other. Of course,
Apple might change the iPhone 11 design and
surprise us all. But if it is an improved camera,
why all the carping about the design?
-Simon K.

Re: How do you feel about Dark Mode
coming to iOS?
I have been using Dark Mode on my iMac
since it became available and love it! I can’t
wait to use it on my iPhone.
-Dave F.

Re: What do you think of the second-
generation AirPods?
Overall, I love my new AirPods. My one frustra-
tion comes from the lack of ability to connect
them to my Amazon Echo. I’m not looking to
control the Echo through the AirPods, but it
would be nice to be able to pair them when I’m
working in the kitchen without subjecting my
family to music I’m listening to.
-James M.

Re: What do you think of the services Apple
announced in March?
I subscribe to the Washington Post, New York
Times, and LA Times. I’ll switch to Apple News
Plus when my current subscriptions expire and
will save a few dollars a month. I’m hopeful the
subscription service won’t cut into the bottom
line of these papers’ balance sheets. Newspa-
pers have enough trouble staying afl oat these
-Debbi M.

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