Awakening the Third Eye

(Barré) #1

with the manifested creation and dissolve oneself, but to build up
a vehicle in which the fullness of the Self can be experienced
permanently, even while living in the physical world. This body of
immortality corresponds to what the Christian tradition has called
the glorious body and to the paramam vapuḥ of the Upanishads. It
is similar in many ways, if not identical, to the lapis
philosophorum or philosophers’ stone of the alchemists, and to the
Grail, heart of the western esoteric tradition.
Awakening the Third Eye lays the foundations for an experiential
approach to a work of inner alchemy. Many of the techniques
given in the beginning are not to be regarded as ‘alchemical’ in a
strict sense, but as a necessary preparation without which the
more advanced phases of the work would not make any sense.
Rather than first developing theoretical aspects at length,
indications will gradually be given throughout this book and the
following ones to clarify the purposes and principles of a work of
inner alchemy. The nature of our topic will also provide ample
opportunities to develop various aspects related to subtle bodies.
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