Awakening the Third Eye

(Barré) #1

One of the reasons is: suppose an angel comes to you, truly. If you
have been trying to visualise angels every morning for a few
months how will you know whether it is a true angel or one that
you have made up.
The problem is not to get into the perception of images or lights.
If you put the techniques into practice, visions will come. The real
problem is, once these visions come to you, how to discern what is
real from what is a fancy of the mind. So the advice is: be
spontaneous! Never plan or try to attract a vision. Just practise
the techniques and then see what comes. This will make it much
easier to reach the stage where you can rely on your vision.
This approach should not be understood as a criticism of the paths
that use creative visualisation or imagination. There are many
ways. What is true in the context of one particular system of
development does not necessarily apply to others. In the Clairvision
style of work the motto is “just awareness”.

1.3 Trust your experience

Something good to remember is that when there is nothing to
believe, there is nothing to doubt either! Since you are not trying
to make anything up, don't waste your time worrying about
whether you are really seeing what you are seeing. Trust your
Keep on practising according to our sober principles and your
clairvoyance will flourish, growing in precision and reliability. As
perceptions start repeating themselves it will become easier and
easier to trust them.

1.4 Don't analyse during an experience

Do not try to analyse as soon as something happens. Otherwise you
will lose your perception immediately, because you will be caught
straight back into the discursive mind. One of the keys to
perception lies in the cultivation of a superior form of stillness,
the capacity not to react when something takes place inside.
Once the experience is over you will have plenty of time to analyse
it. Anyway, it is not necessarily by analysing or discussing an
experience that you will derive the most benefit from it.
Experiences of consciousness are like seeds. It is when you ponder
on them silently, and digest them, that they will mature into
greater realisations.

Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work

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