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n amateur lets the negative opinion of others unman
him. He takes external criticism to heart, allowing it
to trump his own belief in himself and his work.
Resistance loves this.
Can you stand another Tiger Woods story? With four
holes to go on the final day of the 2001 Masters (which Tiger
went on to win, completing the all-four-majors-at-one-time
Slam), some chucklehead in the gallery snapped a camera
shutter at the top of Tiger's backswing. Incredibly, Tiger was
able to pull up in mid-swing and back off the shot. But that
wasn't the amazing part. After looking daggers at the mal-
efactor, Tiger recomposed himself, stepped back to the ball,
and striped it 310 down the middle.
That's a professional. It is tough-mindedness at a level
most of us can't comprehend, let alone emulate. But let's look
more closely at what Tiger did, or rather what he didn't do.
First, he didn't react reflexively. He didn't allow an act that
by all rights should have provoked an automatic response of
rage to actually produce that rage. He controlled his reaction.
He governed his emotion.
Second, he didn't take it personally. He could have

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