the WAR of ART - by Steven Pressfield [scanned book].pdf

(Dana P.) #1

The Self is united to God.
The Self is incapable of falsehood.
The Self, like the Divine Ground that permeates it, is
ever-growing and ever-evolving.
The Self speaks for the future.
That's why the Ego hates it.
The Ego hates the Self because when we seat our con-
sciousness in the Self, we put the ego out of business.
The Ego doesn't want us to evolve. The Ego runs the
show right now. It likes things just the way they are.
The instinct that pulls us toward art is the impulse to
evolve, to learn, to heighten and elevate our consciousness.
The Ego hates this. Because the more awake we become, the
less we need the Ego.
The Ego hates it when the awakening writer sits down at
the typewriter.
The Ego hates it when the aspiring painter steps up
before the easel.
The Ego hates it because it knows that these souls are
awakening to a call, and that that call comes from a plane
nobler than the material one and from a source deeper and
more powerful than the physical.
The Ego hates the prophet and the visionary because
they propel the race upward. The Ego hated Socrates
and Jesus, Luther and Galileo, Lincoln and JFK and
Martin Luther King.

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