How to Draw Flowers and Plants

(Joyce) #1

Each drawing begins with a few simple shapes printed in red ink.
The second step shows the first drawing in black. The new shapes
and marks you're going to add appear in red. This shows you how
to make step one's drawing look like that in step two.

The following steps also show the earlier drawings in black and the
new marks and shapes in red.

A blank space near each step lets you practice your drawing skills.
You can also compare your drawing with the printed one. Draw
lightly with your pencil. This makes it easier to erase mistakes and
other marks that change slightly in later steps.

When you have finished, use a pen or fine felt-tip marker to darken
the pencil marks that make up the finished drawing. Then gently
erase any remaining pencil marks.

When you are done, you will have 23 drawings showing many
different types of flowers and plants.

If you wish, you can add color by using crayons or colored pencils
or markers. You may want to cut out your drawings and tape or
glue them onto colored construction paper. You can even frame

Then you will be able to display your colorful collection of drawings
showing all sorts of flowers and plants. Have fun!

In this article you'll learn how to draw a variety of flowers and
plants. Towards the end, you can push your art skills a little further
by learning how to draw flower and plant arrangements. Here is a

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