The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Principles give 504 Houses. One System - the Three Rings are 21 (5+7+9). The second system of
the Keepers holding the Keys to the Paths gives 115 (16+27+72). Together the two Systems are
136 (21+115), which is 1 + 3 + 6 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1. How these two Systems combined relate to the
Formulas and to the Houses? The Formulas divided by the Golden Ratio, 360 / 1.6 = 225. 360 -
225 = 135 (~136). In this way, the two Systems are connected to the Formulas by the Golden Ratio.
Both Systems 135 (1 + 3 + 5 = 9) and Formulas 360 (3 + 6 + 0 = 9) give 495 (4 + 9 + 5 = 18 = 1

  • 8 = 9). Thus 495 plus Houses 504 gives the whole System 999. But it is said that the System is
    1000... The unit that is missing is YOU. The Occult Disciple. The Adept. There is no music
    without a musician. Without you, there is no one to apply the Teaching and pass it on to others.
    YOU (1) and the System (999) are 1000. In 1000. The one is you, and the three Zeros are the EYE,
    the HAND, the VOICE - the Legacy of Razaor, the Veiled One - the Father of Darkness. This Unit
    is also Razaor himself, who enters the cave of the Black Eagle and passes through the Three Kinds
    of Darkness to receive Initiation.
    I often give advice to Occult Students - do not follow verbatim. Interpret. That's right. But first,
    the Student should study the rules of the System and then interpret them.
    In this line of thought, we will also say the following: The Teachings of the Black Brotherhood,
    or rather the System of the Black Brotherhood (hereinafter referred to as the System. Like the
    Sacred Book of the Black Brotherhood, we simply call the Book (with a capital letter) is System
    that is not dry, not static but gives the basic rules of how the Adept to create his own Path to the
    Flame. There are 360 sample Formulas in the Book and they can be used and followed. But the
    Adept can also create his own new Formulas. There are principles and rules for building Formulas.
    The Adept can deviate somewhat from these rules, as long as there is Clarity of what he does and
    his interpretation fits into the construction of the System. Therefore, the true Black Adept does not
    rely solely on the Spells, Magic Words, Rituals, and Methods given by his Master, but also
    develops own, guided by the set basic rules for each of the listed and self-corrected through the
    components of the System. It is important to say that the System does not set limits, but on the
    contrary - gives total freedom, as this System leads beyond the Universe. Beyond Infinity. The
    Adept will understand.


Awareness. Awakeness. Flawlessness. These are the Three Sisters. Without them, the Magician
has no family and remains an orphan.
It is important not to confuse understanding and Awareness. These are not both sides of the same
coin. Awareness is a deeper degree. If there is a coin with two sides, it is understanding and
misunderstanding. Awareness is a quality of the Occult Disciple. Understanding and
misunderstanding are qualities of ordinary people. Understanding needs an external factor. If you
awake a person and show him the way - he may or may not understand. In understanding, things
are always divided. Awareness comes from within and there is no need for external factors and
there is always unity there. There is integrity. While in understanding, you can understand
something but miss something else. When the Master teaches his lesson, the Apprentice gains
understanding. When the lesson takes root in him, the Apprentice begins to see hidden things,
hidden messages. Then Awareness already happens. That is, understanding is awakening,
Awareness is an experience. Understanding can be sharing someone else's knowledge, Awareness
is sharing your own experience. If the understanding has an alternative - misunderstanding, then

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