The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Clarity is One. Clarity is condensed Awareness. This is the Hidden. The Occult Disciple has
Awareness, he is deeply aware of the Hidden. The Magician-Adept works with Clarity and creates
the Hidden, which the Disciple comprehends.
The Distinguish is Two. When we have two Hidden Things, we have Distinguish. We are not
talking here about the difference between two opposite things or two things that are different in
nature. We are talking about distinguishing between similar things. Distinguish between gods and
deities. Distinguish between Teacher or Master. Distinguish between two separate wind gusts.
Distinguish between Black Adept or High Black Adept.
The Аpproach is Three. When we have Three or more, the Approach is already evolving. The
Аpproach is the mark of an Adept. Clarity, Distinguish, and most of all, the Approach transform
the Adept into a Master. And in this Triad the Legacy is seen again: Eye - Clarity; Hand -
Distinguish (as we said Distinguish is between similar things. Figuratively speaking, it is not
between a foot and an arm, but between the left and the right hand); Voice - Approach. The Clarity
is the Eagle. The Distinguish is the Snake. The Spider is the Approach. In order to develop Clarity,
Distinguish, and Approach, you must first achieve Awareness, Awakeness, and Flawlessness at a
certain level. In this sequence. Before you can achieve Awareness, you must have an understanding
and to create a need to understand. When the Flame gives you Signs, to understand and interpret
them correctly. Signs can be given through events or through people. To be able to listen carefully
beyond the words. What the Flame tells you through people. The one who has Awareness knows
what the person against him understands and does not understand. He knows where to add and
where to take. Awareness and understanding are similar in one way: in both cases, the mind must
be asleep. If the mind is awake, it will not allow you to understand even the obvious.
Mastership in the Art of Magic is born in Clarity, is formed in Distinguish, and is manifested in
the Approach.


There are three main questions: What? Whether? How? These are the questions that lead to the
answers to Clarity, Distinction, and the Approach. What? What is this? To have Clarity, what you
actually see, not just what you think you see. The Distinction is whether it really is what you see.
Isn't it something similar that is very alike to what you think you see? "Whether" is not in doubt.
It is not a split. "Whether" points to a deeper search. Sometimes you can have Awareness and
Clarity and what you see is right. But this should be only one level of the chain. There may be
another deeper level. And that is where the Distinction comes to. Not when you have two things
conditionally said: right and wrong, but when you have two right things, but one is on a deeper
level. "How" points to the right Approach. How do I approach to what I have already realized?
Something is happening in the world of people. A social event, a political event, a military event
... All people say to themselves: "This happened" or "This is what you are". Whether? Is it? What
is this? What really happened? People will have some logical answer. But what is beyond this
answer? What is the hidden reason? Then, for other things we think we've figured out, we ask
ourselves the question: Whether? Is it? Here we are looking for the deep waters. Two things may
be right, but one is more accurate than the other. One thing can be said in several different ways.
Action. What should I do? Clarity and Distinction refer to the Eye. The Approach refers to the

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