The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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remember the memories and dreams in this reincarnation, many secrets of your previous lives will
remain locked. This process of recalling the memories of the Actuallity, starting since our first day
on earth, as well as those memories from our dreams, is called synchronization. Recall what you
have forgotten. There is an ancient secret that man does not suspect...


Knowledge is one of the most terrifying weapons because it is very poorly understood. What
people do not understand is often declined. Let it be known that knowledge is not the same for
people and Adepts. People have lost the Key to Sacred Knowledge a long time ago. At the moment,
for a person, "knowledge" is something that can be bought, told, read in a book. This is external
knowledge, world knowledge. The world in which a scientist might dedicate his whole life to prove
a theory. Then he dies and ten years later another scientist proves the contradiction of the theory
of the first - as a result of all this "knowledge" people are increasingly losing the ground beneath
them and destroying the world around them.

"Once through the Desert, a group of scientists was walking. They were looking for some objects
to prove a theory. But in the Desert, there are neither theories nor proofs. There is one theorem,
and that is the tireless Sun. The Sun would make the air in front of the scientists to tremble. They
were at the end of their strengths, and all th eir knowledge, formulas, and theorems couldn’t help
them. At that moment the glass of water was more important than all the knowledge of the World.
And so, the scientists died, and they became a subject of an investigation by other scientists, and
all of their knowledge, proofs, and theories sank in the sands. One should not prove theories in the
Desert. In order to revive there, you need no knowledge you need to become Spirit and Live
Water. The Desert is not a place for scientists. The Masters are born and baptized there. ”

Book of the Ancient Serpent - The Desert: 4

Sacred Knowledge is the knowledge that is experienced. A sacred trial that has been overcome.
Thus you make knowledge a part of you and knowledge becomes truly yours. You have no right
to transmit knowledge that is still not yours. The modern world is full of people without
knowledge, but they are very keen to spread something: professors of economics and finance who
have never had their own business; doctors who do not follow the prescriptions they give to others;
literature teachers who have written nothing; teachers of martial arts and self-defense, who,
however, have never fought for their lives or used weapons in real situations.

The Magician has no right to transmit knowledge that is not his own. Only after mastering the
knowledge, he may afford to pass it on to others. That is why the Art of Magic is an ancient
tradition that requires continuity. Contrary to human understanding that anyone can practice magic
just because books on "magic" are sold here and there, every Magician chooses his Apprentices
very carefully - those to whom to pass the Skill, tradition, Magic Art should be worthy. As well as
not everyone has the mind to engage in science, the talent to become a musician or the physical
abilities to become an athlete, so not everyone has the qualities to become a Magician. Everyone
can read about "magic" as much as he wants, but it does not mean that he will ever become a

Sacred Knowledge is acquired through experiencing and Awareness of the experienced. This is an
inner process of awakening and walking, in which the Master-Magician neither shows the Path
nor shows you the Door. What he does is to give you a Key-Principle. Then you have to walk the

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