The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

read. His actions cannot be guessed. What does this mean? If you want to remain invisible to the
World, immerse yourself in the Magic Act and stay there as long as possible. Increase your stay in
the Hidden more and more until you finally disappear from the World and move beyond the border.
You will no longer be part of the World - you will only be present without actually being there.
Just like the wind. He is not of this world either - no one sees it, but it is present. When it is quiet,
no one pays attention to it, even though man knows of its existence. Thus the Magician observes
to be as incomprehensible and intangible as the wind. Therefore, the Magician does not surrender
to the grip of society. He does not follow the precepts of society. He manages to break stereotypes,
so people often find him strange because he cannot be categorized. This is one of the hallmarks of
the Chosen. Not to be like the others and to be unpredictable. The unpredictability of the Magician
comes from the fact that he does not follow human prescriptions for behavior, he only follows the
breath of Necessity.


The Мagician does not need the inspiration to study and apply the Magic Art. Inspiration is a
dubious quantity that comes and goes in waves. There is a lack of completeness and perseverance.
Those who do not have a Mission are inspired. Thus, for them, inspiration manifests itself as light
in the tunnel. A feeling that they do not fully understand and are constantly looking for it again
and again as a drug, but do not know how to achieve it. For them, it just appears surprisingly and
then goes away without a trace. The Magician is constantly inspired because he is an inspirer.
There are no waves in and out - there is a spring. Constantly pulsating and emitting source. When
you become a source for others, they will gather around you and ask you how to get to the sea.
First, become a Source and you will have constant inspiration because you will be pure water, an
inspiration for others. In order to become a Source, you must first receive a Mission, and in order
to receive a Mission, you must have given up the World and its illusions. There is nothing more
inspiring than living the life of an Adept, relying on Necessity, and serving the Flame. This is a
Path that attracts others around you and even before you feel it and they are already walking next
to you. No one has ever returned from this journey, nor has anyone walked it. This Path has no
beginning, no end, and therefore leads beyond Infinity.


Whatever happens, stay still. When there is a storm, you remain calm as a lake. It is the
preservation of calm that gives depth to the lake. The Magician leaves others to get excited like
sea waves when he keeps his control in the most difficult moments. The greater the obstacle, the
more confident the Magician is. He does not believe in himself, on the contrary - the Magician
completely forgets about himself. His confidence comes from merging with the Primordial Source,
with the Flame. People are swept away by the storm because they are too obsessed with themselves
and perceived as something very important. All that matters are the manifestations of the Flame
and what man comprehends from these manifestations. The person himself is not important.
Therefore, he who has not merged with the Flame and has not understood what is essential is swept
away by the storm.

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