The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

Art of Flawlessness (The Seven Principles), the second part is The Art of Strategy, and the present
part is entitled The Art of Magic. Without Principles and Strategy, the Magic Act will subside in
this fourth step. That is why the training of every Apprentice in the Magic Art begins with the
Principles and Strategies.

Fifth Step:

Proto Element Flame: “The Crossroad”. In this step, we achieve contact with the Object of the
Magic Act. We entered the House of the Object after unlocking the "Door" with the correct Key.
It now depends on the personal Power of the Magician, on the power of his Will and his Energy
level, to what extent he will be able to control the Object. How long he will be able to stay "guests
at the House". This step may be the last for the one who encounters an Object with a stronger Will
than himself. The Object can be a person, a natural phenomenon, a habit, or a weakness of ours -
that is why we say that the Magic Art knows no limits. If the Object is a creature with his own
Will, several basic variations can develop: to reach the moment when the Object has a reduced
level of Energy or lack of readiness; when the Object is busy with other actions and with a delay
finds that we have breached his defenses; when the Object is in peak Energy form. In this line of
thinking, this step requires us to choose the exact moment of "entering the House." It is no
coincidence that the step is called the "Crossroad" because at the core of the ability to surprise and
our personal strength there are many ways in which this Magic Act can develop. It can continue
in the direction we want, turn unpredictably to one side, or turn against us. This is a crossing point.
That is why it is important for the Apprentice to take care of his Energy level regularly and to
accumulate personal Power. In a Magician`s duel, in other words, when one idea meets another
idea or one Magician directs his will to another Magician, who directs his Will towards the first
one - then the "Crossroad" is the central field, the intermediate distance between the two.
Sometimes in such situations, it all comes down to who controls a more solid Energy Source and
who has accumulated more personal Power. In this respect, it is invaluable for the Apprentice to
master the principles of action and methods of the Flame - the Primordial Source. The Fifth step
is of great importance - if we reach this step, this is the point of no return. There is no going back
before we finish the operation. Attempts to stop the Magic Act after this step, are of great danger,
as we are already in Expanded Attention of Awareness, in other words, we are already "seeing"
and acting through our Magic senses. If we try to stop at this point, it is like facing an enemy army,
getting closer, and turning our backs on them. The most convenient moment to stop the Magic Act
(and the only one strategically favorable) is in the Second Step.

Sixth Step:

Modulation 3: "The Quill" - In this step, we should select the exact and specific magic methods,
techniques, and tools (Formulas, Spells, Methods, Rituals). It is these methods and techniques that
channel the Power and Energy that we have called for in the previous step. An important condition
for using the "tools" is that we have placed the Object under our control in the previous step. We
have broken his willpower. We have conquered is House. Otherwise, if the Object does not stand
still, we will not be able to operate with the tools. In order to choose the right methods and "tools",
we should know and master the different types of Magic Acts and understand their differences and

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