The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

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one reason or another. The reverse inertia can be like a light gust of wind, it can also be like a
hurricane against you. If we follow the analogy with the stage artist mentioned in Step Seven, then
here in Step Eight we talk about how the audience perceives your performance at the time of its
performance. This step has a special subtlety - while doing your performance, you have to watch
whether the "audience" perceives it. Step Seven requires you to fully immerse yourself in the Act,
but you must still be able to make instant adjustments to your Object. To readjust the frequencies
of perception. In other words, do not forget the purpose of the Magic Act. Do not lose contact with
the Object. Don't lose focus. This is true even in a conversation - you can plan to say great things,
but if you do not know how to attract the attention of the interlocutor and do not make him listen
to you carefully, none of your great ideas will be transmitted and accepted. The Eighth Step
requires not only to act but also to observe carefully with your magical vision.

Ninth Step:

Proto Element Water: “The Form” - In this step, the result of the Magic Act is manifested. The
sea waves have already flooded the shore and retreated. The impulse of the wave has already
disappeared and it has returned where it came from. Now we observe the flooded shore and what
is left on it. In this step, everything takes final form. If we follow the analogy with the stage artist
from the above two steps again, here the performance is over and the audience disperses. What is
left in their minds after the performance? Did they get the message? Have we managed to impose
the idea we want on them? Will they remember the performance forever or will they forget it
before they get home? This is the step in which Energy is transformed into Matter. The water is
placed in a vessel and takes its shape. The Magic Act is over. In this step, the Magician carefully
observes the changes that occur as a result of his actions. Observes impartially and without
expectations. Follow everything that happens in the Hidden and in the manifested. The artist steps
back and looks at his painting from the sides. Energy has become Matter. A Shadow World has
been brought out of the Darkness and breathed life into it. Your creation opens your eyes and takes
your first breath. End of the Magic Act and beginning of a new life for your creation.

Tenth Step:

Modulation 5: "Balance" - In this step, we make a balance and analysis - The Apprentice keeps
a Magic Diary, where he describes in detail everything related to his magical operations and
training. Details that now seem insignificant to him, but over time begin to make sense. Analyzing
each Magic Act and searching for Flawlessness. Ideas that came to his mind or secret messages
that he received while performing a specific Magic Act. All sorts of reflections on the Art of Magic
and quotes from various books on magic. Ideas and projects for different types of magical
techniques - rituals, spells, formulas. The Apprentice regularly reviews the Magic Diary and what
has been written in it long ago and recently, keep the Apprentice on the Path he has chosen. The
Magic Diary concentrates his attention on the Art of Magic and its training. Through the Diary,
the Apprentice more easily tracks all his magical successes and failures and works on developing
a strategy on how to deal with imperfections. Thus, the Diary serves as a cure for a very dangerous
disease for Apprentices - forgetting. You have no right to forget any part of your training. This is
a supreme responsibility because this Knowledge acquired through experience should be passed

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