(Martin Jones) #1

4 Artists & IllustratorsCONTENTS28 TATE’S GREATEST HITSA look at the gallery’s top 5 paintings``````60 PAINT LIKE VAN GOGHTerence Clarke helps you mimic the master``````36 PRINTING THE LANDSCAPECornwall’s Oliver West on plein air printmaking``````65 YOUR QUESTIONSCapture narrative with urban sketcher Lapin``````52 HUNGRY EYESHow drawing food led Sara Zin to fi nd her style``````26 IN THE STUDIOWe speak to printmaker Anne Desmet RA``````74 STUDIO MOTIVATIONBeat procrastination with Susanne du ToitSUMMER 2016Top tipsfor f dillustration``````7 EXHIBITIONSPlan your blockbuster summer events12 COMPETITIONWin a luxury weekend with the Royal Academy13 FRESH PAINTThree great new paintings, hot off the easel18 REVIVING VAN GOGHA look at the fi rst fully-painted feature fi lm25 THE WORKING ARTISTColumnist Laura Boswell on compliments34 10 MINUTES WITH...James Gillick on his ancient art techniques``````43 SKETCHBOOKYour monthly selection of quick tips and advice48 MASTERCLASSLearn to paint sunfl owers with Sandrine Maugy57 PAINTING FACESThis issue Aine Divine tackles the nose68 SILVERPOINTTry this Renaissance drawing technique70 THE EVOLUTION OF COLOURAl Gury looks at the history of paint palettes82 ARTY FACTSWhat do you know about Winifred Knights?Eds Letter & Contents final.indd 4 09/06/2016 09:

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