Biology and Marine Biology

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member who will serve as the student's advisor. Selection by a faculty member is a requirement and thus
students are encouraged to contact potential advisors. Individuals desiring to take graduate courses as a
non-degree-seeking student must have completed a baccalaureate degree in a field of biology. Non-degree
candidates must submit an application for graduate admission and official transcripts of all college work.
Courses taken at UNCW as a non-degree student will not count toward the hours required for the
completion of a degree program upon subsequent acceptance.

Degree Requirements
 The program requires 30 semester hours of graduate study.
 Six semester hours of credit may be transferred from another accredited institution. Grades earned
on transfer work must be equivalent to “B” or better.
 A minimum of 24 semester hours of graduate study must be completed in residence.
 No more than nine hours of graduate level courses offered by other science departments at UNCW
may be applied toward the degree.
 Undergraduate courses taken to make up deficiencies will not count toward the 30 hours required.
 All deficiencies must be remedied prior to graduation.
 The student must successfully complete a comprehensive examination based on prior coursework
and an oral defense of the thesis.
 Each student will present a thesis, based on original research, acceptable to the thesis advisory
committee, prior to graduation.
 Each student must complete an approved course of study within five years of the date of the first
registration for graduate study.

Requirements for Master of Science Degrees
Core courses: required of all students seeking a Master of Science degree in biology or marine biology.
BIO 501 Methods in Scientific Research (2)
BIO 599 Thesis (3–6)

Master of Science in Biology
In addition to the core courses listed above, each student, in consultation with his/her thesis advisory
committee, shall devise a program of study that meets the requirements below, complements the thesis
research, and satisfies individual needs and interests.
Select two of the following:
a) BIO 519 Advanced Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology (4)
b) BIO 530 Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Biology (3) and BIOL 530 Advanced Topics in
Evolutionary Biology Laboratory (1)
c) BIO 534 Advanced Topics in Ecology (3) and BIOL 534 Advanced Topics in Ecology
Laboratory (1)
d) BIO 549 Advanced Topics in Physiology (4)

A minimum of 14 hours of elective credit; select from any 500 level biology course, BIO 601-605 and BIO

  1. Graduate courses from other disciplines may also be selected, with approval of the student’s thesis

Master of Science in Marine Biology
In addition to the core courses listed above, students shall complete the following courses and, in
consultation with their thesis advisory committee, select electives to complete a program of study that
meets individual needs and interests.

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