Biology and Marine Biology

(Axel Boer) #1


Name Rank Hired Deg.

Institution Duties/Expertise

Bolen, Eric Emeritus 1988 Ph.D.

Utah State

Conservation Biology,

Chen, Hsiang-Yin Lect. 2013 Ph.D.

University of

Biochemistry, Anatomy and

Condon, Beth Darrow Lect. 2014 M.S.

William &
Mary Marine Ecology

Dickens, Amanda Lect. 2014 Ph.D.


Wilmington Marine Biology

Dillaman, Richard Emeritus 1981 Ph.D.

Univ. South

Morphology and

Gilley, Michelle Lect. 2012 Ph.D. Auburn Univ. Wildlife Ecology
Hosier, Paul Emeritus 1973 Ph.D. Duke Univ. Barrier Island Ecology

Kiser, Kevin Lect. 2012 Ph.D.

Med. Univ.
So. Carolina Cell Biology
Koester, Julie Lect.

Mallin, Michael A. Res. Prof. 1992 Ph.D. UNC-CH River, Estuarine Ecology

McCall, Jennifer Lect. 2014 Ph.D.


Charlotte Health Sciences

Melroy, Diane L. Sr. Lect. 2000 Ph.D. UC-Berkeley

Plant Biology/ Introductory

Moore, Leslie J. Lect. 2006 M.S. UNCW Lab Coordinator/
Plyer, Daniel Emeritus 1965 Ph.D. UNC-CH Plant Genetics

Potts, Linda F. Sr. Lect. 1998 Ph.D. UNC-CH Anatomy & Physiology

Priester, Carolina Lect. 2012 Ph.D.


Wilmington Cell Biology

Watanabe, Wade O. Res. Prof. 1997 Ph.D.

Univ. of
Hawaii Finfish Mariculture

Woditschka, Stephan Lect. 2014 Ph.D.

Wisconsin Health Sciences

Description of Teaching Roles of Faculty, Part-time Faculty and Faculty Associates
As of the start of the 2014/2015 academic year, the Department of Biology and Marine Biology
had 49 full-time faculty, including six faculty with full or partial administrative reassignments (Webster,
Posey, Finelli, Wilbur, Volety, and Baden); 37 of these are tenure-track faculty. One faculty member
(Tomas) is 0.5 FTE within the department, with a split appointment between CMS and our department,
and is retiring this year. We are currently searching for three faculty positions. A position for a
Distinguished Professor of Marine Biology is also open at this time. Thirteen of our full-time faculty are
non-tenured lecturers: Drs. Chen, Dickens, Gilley, Kiser, Koester, McCall, Melroy, Potts, Priester,
Woditschka, and Ms. Condon and Ms. Moore. Ms. Moore serves as our department Laboratory
Coordinator for introductory laboratories, working with graduate TAs in the design and implementation of
labs for the BIO 105, BIO 201 and 202 courses; the others all have formal classroom teaching
responsibilities. Drs. Chen and Koester are departmental post-doctoral associates that support our research

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