Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

(Jacob Rumans) #1

difficult for the non-Muslim to make sense of it. The Koran
appears so strange to Western eyes that many readers find it
difficult to find a firm starting point to read it with

Another problem in understanding Islam stems from the
many conflicting ideas existing within it. Is it a religion of
peace or a religion of war-like-jihad? Does jihad mean the
individual struggle to submit to God more completely or
does it refer to the universal struggle against every non-
Muslim society and structure? If Islam teaches so many
good things about Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, why do
Muslims have so many difficulties with Christian beliefs?

The committed Christian, then, is faced with a central
question: Does the choice between Islam and Christianity
make any difference in living life on earth or achieving
eternal bliss in the next life? Both Islam and Christianity
claim to be God’s true revelation, so how does a Christian
respond to Islam’s claim? Is there a way to sift through the
Koran, pull together its themes of revelation, and make
sense of it from a Christian perspective? Though Muslims
are actively seeking converts from among Christians, is it
possible to evangelize Muslims about Christianity? How can
one begin to discuss the issues which separate the two

I commend the authors of this book for helping Catholics
tackle this most important topic. They have presented many
of the key beliefs of Islam in a clear question-and-answer
format. Their deep insights into the text and language of the
Koran are truly enriching, especially for the relatively new

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