Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

(Jacob Rumans) #1

deeply impressed at his brilliant insights into the many
difficulties presented by the Koran. His deep understanding
of its language and careful examination of the Arabic
vocabulary help the nonArabic speaking Christian follow
the arguments about its claims to be the reliable, perfect,
inspired word of Allah. His coauthor, Robert Spencer, also
comes to the project with an extensive knowledge of the
religion of Muhammad, having written two previous books
on Islam. Mr. Spencer’s background as a Catholic apologist
and teacher have served this present book well.

Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics is especially for those
Christians who want to submit to Jesus’ command to make
disciples of all nations. This book is definitely not for the
timid or indifferent Catholic. It is for those who truly want to
explore the mystery that is Islam, so that they might be
better prepared to proclaim the saving truth of Christ to their
Muslim neighbors. No one who is beginning to confront the
reality of Islam should be without this book. May God bless
all who read it.

—Fr.    Mitch   Pacwa,  S.J.
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