Earths Forbidden Secrets By Maxwell Igan

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How can there be numerous signs on earth that suggest ancient atomic or nuclear warfare?
How can ancient Indian texts contain scores of pages of complicated flight manuals?
How can ‘modern human’ fossils exist?
How could people in ancient times have moved 800 ton blocks of stone?
How could the Mayans have built have built those gap free Megalithic Fortresses?
How could a 500,000 year fossil encrusted geode contain a spark plug within it?
How can there be a computer code or algorithm encoded into the text of the Bible?
And that’s just a few of the examples. There are literally dozens more.

In the ensuing investigations of such enigmatic riddles and artifacts there have been many
amazing, and sometimes downright outrageous, statements made by people in numerous
publications throughout the world; so many in fact, that it becomes difficult to distinguish truth
from fiction. Theories have been put forth concerning vast armies of slaves, teams of craftsmen
devoting their entire lives to the completion of one small object, Master stone masons, Alien
Intervention, Beings from other dimensions, Time Travelers, ‘Gods’ from other planets.
All have been suggested as possible explanations, and the list goes on.
At this point you may be asking, ‘But why should we really care anyway? What’s all the fuss
about? The past is just the past - isn’t it?’
Well, interestingly enough, such may not always be the case, because the past may also be a
good indication of the future and, (not withstanding the fact that it would just be awfully nice to
actually know the truth,) there are many scholars who believe that there are certain routine events
that occur on Earth that concern both mankind and the planet we live on significantly. Many
believe them to be events that are, in fact, a normal part of our solar system’s rotational
mechanism and that they happen in regular and predictable orbital cycles.
There also is real evidence to suggest that the people of Earths ancient past possessed some
very detailed information concerning these events. Many of them based their entire cultures,
sciences and religions on them! And there are also other more esoteric signs: Enigmatic
references and hints of a hidden book or code with which we may be able to unlock these
mysteries of our past and future.

At face value, it seems significant that those people who inhabited our far distant past quite
obviously considered a detailed understanding these celestial events to be far more noteworthy
and important than any other religious knowledge, science, or indeed, anything else at all! In fact,
they considered the information to be so important, that they appear to have based their entire
civilizations upon it.
The question is why?
Why such an extraordinary preoccupation with astronomy and the Zodiac? What for? What
kind of information could they glean from such a constant and accurate scrutiny of the heavens
that they deemed so important that it would account for the meticulous degree of perfection
insisted on in aligning their structures? How on earth did they acquire such extraordinarily
sophisticated knowledge to begin with? Who or where could they have possibly acquired such
information from? Much of it is data that would probably be extremely useful to us today and yet
we have only learned a fraction of it and we are still searching through ancient myths and modern
sciences trying to fully comprehend that which we have so far managed to gather.
Most people think of the zodiac as names for nice patterns in the sky or a report they read in a
daily newspaper but the Zodiac is actually an incredibly complex celestial mechanism. It must be
clearly understood just the ancient knowledge of its existence is astounding because even a basic
understanding of the phenomenon of precession of the zodiac requires some very advanced
scientific know how to obtain. It does not happen from someone merely observing the stars, even
if they were to spend their entire life doing so, and yet we ourselves obtained our knowledge of
precession and the cycles of the zodiac from the ancients, not through discovering it of our own

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