Cardiovascular Fitness Procedures Manual

(coco) #1

4.5.6 Stage 1

Exhibit 4-37. Treadmill test stage 1 – routine test

„ The ISIS system will advance to Stage 1. The timer will be reset to zero and will start
timing the 3-minute Stage 1. Throughout this stage, monitor the BP monitor for the
SP’s heart rate. Watch the continuum bar to confirm that the SP’s heart rate is within
the 60 – 80 percent range.

„ If the SP’s heart rate goes above the 8 0 percent range, determine if the SP is OK by
observing his or her color, breathing, and gait for signs of severe fatigue and ask how
he or she is doing.

„ Ask for the RPE. You do not have to record the RPE unless it is at the end of the
stage. If the SP looks OK, does not ask to stop, and RPE is not greater than 17,
continue with the test.

„ Continue to monitor very closely for signs of exhaustion and stop the test if the SP’s
symptoms warrant ending the test.
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