Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 406 (2019-08-09)

(Antfer) #1


With so many new features in iOS 13, it would
be impossible to discuss them all in-depth,
though there are a few other significant changes
worth a mention. Apple has overhauled the
Reminders app, introducing a new design
organized into Today, Scheduled, All, and
Flagged sections, with customizable colors and
icons which sync to the redesigned Reminders
app on macOS for consistency. Siri will recognize
possible reminders and make suggestions, too,
improving the user experience and ensuring you
don’t forget anything important.

Several improvements are coming to the Mail
app, too, including a new Block Sender option,
and a new mute option silences all notifications
across all devices for noisy email threads. A new
format bar above the keyboard is also new,
whilst a scan tool allows you to add photos and
videos to send important documents on the go.
Apple now supports imported fonts, and text
formatting tools are also included as standard
for better customization.

Safari has a new start page in iOS 13, featuring
favorite websites, frequently visited websites,
and most recently visited websites, and a new
View menu allows you to change the size of the
text and make other per-site settings changes.
Download Manager is also new on iOS 13,
allowing you to check on the status of files
downloading and access the files you’ve already
downloaded, whilst the Files app now supports
USB, SD cards, SSD drives, and external drives,
whilst zipping and unzipping is also supported
on iOS for the first time.

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