Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 409 (2019-08-30)

(Antfer) #1


While iPhone owners are accustomed to
spending big whenever they see fit to buy
new devices, Huawei has followed Samsung’s
template in offering handsets across a broad
range of price points, rather than simply
specializing in the premium market. The brand
certainly offers appealing high-end phones in
the form of its Mate and P lines. However, much
like Samsung with its Galaxy A series, Huawei
also offers cut-price handsets with its Honor
offshoot range.

Still, this only begins to hint at why Huawei has
recorded spectacular growth in the smartphone
market, including a year-over-year increase
of 50.3% even just in 2019’s first quarter.
This growth has been no fluke; if you are used
to handling premium handsets from Samsung,
Google and LG, you could be pleasantly
surprised by how well the Huawei equivalents
compare. The company’s Mate 20 Pro has been
named one of the world’s best smartphones
on account of its stunning design, sumptuous
display and impressive speed.

That particular phone comes with an array of
premium features, including IP68 certification,
front stereo speakers and biometric scanning
such as fingerprint and facial recognition, all of
which have undoubtedly helped the brand to
foster its luxury image. Often, camera tech can
make or break a flagship phone, and Huawei
devices don’t slouch in this department; the
P30 Pro, for example, comes with four cameras,
with the device thought to outclass even
Google’s Pixel 3 in camera tech.

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