Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 409 (2019-08-30)

(Antfer) #1
There is a certain mindless pleasure in the
“Fallen” movies. Watching Gerard Butler muscle
his way through increasingly preposterous
obstacles as a Secret Service agent can be
amusing and oddly transfixing at the same time.
It’s mass entertainment that makes a courtesy
stop in theaters before ascending to its true
calling: Endless cable reruns.
But whatever this franchise got away with in
“Olympus Has Fallen” and then, miraculously, in
the totally unnecessary and very unintentionally
silly sequel “London Has Fallen,” it’s clear that
the well has run dry on this idea and character.
Butler and the filmmakers sleepwalk their
way through ”Angel Has Fallen ,” the third, and
hopefully last, visit with agent Mike Banning.
This time, the powers that be have decided
to make Banning a fugitive. He’s on the run
after being falsely accused of orchestrating




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