Apple Magazine - USA - Issue 409 (2019-08-30)

(Antfer) #1

However, even if your financial resources would
only stretch to a mid-range or budget model,
a Huawei phone remains within definite reach

  • provided, of course, that the brand’s phones
    are commercially available in your country. The
    prestigious image that Huawei has garnered
    trickles down to its lower-end devices, too –
    making, cleverly, a Huawei device one status
    symbol that people across various markets
    can enjoy.

Nonetheless, in the U.S. market, vultures have
been circling around Huawei. Even before
President Donald Trump issued his executive
order banning Huawei from American shores,
the purveyor’s phones were rare in this territory
due to their absence from carrier stores. This
year, the U.S. Commerce Department added
the company to the Bureau of Industry and
Security Entity list, meaning that any U.S.-
based firms are required to obtain government
permission before selling or transferring tech
to Huawei.

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