(Lars) #1

If only I knew for certain!
My booted toe still felt nothing. I might
drop nine inches, nine feet, ninety feet.
Nothing was certain!
But I remembered what else Granddad
said: Things we fear are seldom as bad as we
And he ought to know.
Well, I couldn’t hang on clawing the
dirt like this much longer. Better to face the
unknown looking forward.

With a cry of resolve, I released my
grip and slipped downhill again. My arms
stretched out against the dark unknown as I
slid over the edge and plummeted... eigh-
teen inches! Booyah!
Weak with relief, I sagged forward, made
contact with... the three steps leading to
Granddad’s back door! I’d landed at the bot-
tom! Safe!
I jumped to my feet and plowed into a
broad, upright shape that grabbed me in a
hug and laughed. Granddad!
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