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Rosevear explains. “Let’s say you go jogging outside in
a big city, where pollution can accelerate skin aging. We’ll
give you a facial mist that protects it. We have hundreds of
thousands of combinations.”
Younique, a direct sales company, also offers a diagnos-
tic quiz on its website. Or you can build your own skin-care
regimen: Add up to three boosters (such as hydrating,
oil control, and firming) to their cleanser, serum, mois-
turizer, and night cream, like (2) You-Ology Serum ($65,
Clinique iD requires you to make two decisions to create
your moisturizer. First, what type of formula do you want?
“The lightweight jelly or gel is ideal for oily skin; the lotion
is made for dry skin,” Dr. Henry says. Second, what is your
biggest skin concern? You can choose from five activators,
from Lines & Wrinkles to (3) Fatigue ($39, clinique.com);
your pick will then be set inside the moisturizer.
“A lot of my patients have some form of combination skin,
and therefore need a hydrator that addresses more than
one issue,” Dr. Henry says. “Two of the hardest skin types
to treat are dry skin and breakouts. I recommend Clinique’s
lotion with the blue Pores & Uneven Texture cartridge for
that. And for sensitive, sometimes-oily skin, try the green
Irritation cartridge added to the jelly.”

Customize your hair routine
Your age, diet, workouts, and environment affect your hair
just as they affect your skin. Prose will use this data to formu-
late custom hair care for you—preshampoo mask, shampoo,
conditioner, and (4) Prose Custom Hair Oil ($48, prose.com).
“Everything is taken into account. If you’re in freezing-cold
Michigan, we add fermented-rice water to help tame static;
if you’re in New York, there’s beetroot extract to remove
hard-water deposits. There are 50 billion combinations,”
Huffnagle says. Prose focuses on both what you want and
don’t want in your products: “You can opt out of fragrance,
silicones, animal by-products, gluten, and more,” she says.
If fragrance is the deciding factor for you in choosing
a hair product, then check out Function of Beauty, which
lets you choose from five scents, including pear, pineapple,
and eucalyptus, as part of its in-depth hair quiz. The scent
can be added to the Shampoo and (1) Conditioner (from $36,
To treat hair loss, Nutrafol offers seven different boosters;
your recommendations are based on a five-minute online
questionnaire. If you report exhaustion, for example, then
a dropperful of (6) Vitamin B-Booster ($20, nutrafol.com)
under your tongue can optimize hair follicle metabolism.
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