(Marty) #1




“Too much
makeup, and I feel
cakey and the
opposite of confi-
dent. This serum is
my savior. It has all
the heavy-hitting
ingredients you
want in your skin
care. Two pumps,
and I look clear,
smooth, and glowy.
And I can get away

“When I wear
this statement
headband, I feel
more powerful
and take-charge.
I love how it frames
my face. And the
print makes
whatever I’m
wearing look more
fun and
polished. It’s also
an easy, one-

“A travel-size
bottle of this
dry shampoo is
always in my gym
bag. A few quick
spritzes com-
pletely refresh my
unwashed hair,
which means
I can go to an a.m.
workout and
get to the office
on time.”
—Alyssa Sparacino,
deputy digital editor

“As busy as I am,
I always make time
to apply this water-
proof mascara: It
thickens and lifts
my lashes, mak-
ing my eyes look
wide-awake. Plus,
I sweat a ton, and it
withstands my box-
ing sessions and
errands all over
New York City.”

“Mornings are
chaos at my house,
so I don’t have time
to focus on my
makeup. I walk out
the door barefaced
except for big sun-
glasses and a swipe
of bold lip color.
This bright-pink
one is so silky
and easy to apply.
It’s the perfect
decoy! Once I’m
at the office,
I finish my look.”
—Kate Sandoval Box,
beauty director

Clé de Peau
Beauté Radiant
Liquid Rouge Matte
in Nectar ($50,





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