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Marcus Nilsson




The Body Shop

13 Next-level ideas
to live well

Be Waterproof

23 Forecast: Hazy
This wearable
take on smoky eyes
is just as sexy
24 Beauty Just
Got Personal
Experience skin
care that’s custom-
made for you
28 Glowy Summer
Hair All Fall
Pro tips to make
sunny looks last
30 What Makes You
Pretty Happy
Dendy Engelman,
M.D., thrives on high
heels and hot soaks
32 Farm to Fragrance
Earthy scents reign
34 Nature’s Best Skin
Three plant-based
formulas that
smooth and soothe

38 Life-Proof Beauty
Products to help you
run your world
42 Responsibly Chic
Hot activewear
that’s eco-friendly
102 Naomi Watts
The Hollywood power
player talks beauty
and being boss

Be Strong + Well

45 Go Blue
This water workout
is a fresh HIIT. Try our
Shape Studio video
50 Winning Edge
Make the most of
your competitive
54 1 Perfect Move
Fit pro Alexander
Charles creates
muscle magic with a
resistance band

56 Tech Neck
Undo the strain
and slump of
screen time
58 Enough With
All the Fuss
to simplify your
mom life
60 Your Most Relaxing
Vacation Ever
Totally secluded
escapes this way
64 Let’s Talk
Author Gabrielle
Bernstein wants
you to do less
66 Stress and
Your Cycle
It can mess with
fertility: Here’s help
91 Women Run
the World
Meet the movers
who are shaping
the path to

Be Food Smart

69 Layer Your Flavor
The keys to building
amazing dishes
77 A Healthy Slice
This hummus
flatbread combo will
be your fave new pie
80 Food for a Good Mood
Eat this way to
amplify your happy
84 1 Perfect Meal
Chef Mei Lin’s family
recipe for chicken
never fails to delight
86 Fall’s Freshest Drinks
Fennel highball!
Carrot mimosa! Beet
cocktail! Get ’em all
110 A Fresh Twist
on Pasta
creative recipes that
showcase the
versatility of the
new noodles
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