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icture a supremely calm-
ing Zen spo t. Maybe it’s
a tropical beach, a cabin
in the woods, or the top of
a mountain. There’s a good
chance the oasis you’re imagining lacks
one thing: other people.
Taking trips to remote or private des-
tinations is the latest vacation craze, says
Gabe Saglie, an expert on travel trends
at Travelzoo. “The main reason most
people go on a trip is relaxation,” he says.
And there’s no better way to unwind and
decompress than to really get away—from

everyone. “A trip to a far-off or secluded
destination gives you an opportunity to
completely pull back from your regular
routine and reconnect with yourself,
and that’s intensely relaxing and rejuve-
nating,” he says.
It doesn’t take long for the benefits to
start kicking in. “Within a day or two you’ll
start to feel recharged and refreshed. Even
stepping away for a few hours on a ‘normal’
vacation to go for a hike or kayak into quiet
terrain can be transformative,” Saglie says.
We’ve rounded up the best ways to
experience the perks of privacy.

A Cabin in the Woods
Getaway (from $99 a night, getaway
.house) rents small cabins nestled into
densely wooded spots an hour or two out-
side major cities like Boston, Los Angeles,
Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and New York.
They’re stocked with the basics (toilet-
ries, cooking essentials, and some snacks
for purchase) and are outfitted with huge
windows, so you can stare at the foliage
while reading and sipping wine. Each
area contains a handful of cabins, situ-
ated to deliver a real middle-of-nowhere
experience. (Continued on page 63)


Breaking from the
pack and spending
time in a remote
hideaway is power-
fully rejuvenating.

your most relaxing

vacation EVER
For your next holiday, get away from the crowds. A secluded
experience lets you recharge and reconnect in just a day or two.
Here are three amazing trips to try. By Mirel Zaman
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